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Symposium Recordings

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The Secret Language of Food
Complete Programme as professionally recorded at the 2023 live event | 13 CPE hours

The Secret Language of Food: Decoding Nature’s Healing Signals was held at the State Library of Queensland 04-05 November 2023.

16 speaker presentations were recorded live at the event and an additional complimentary module, courtesy of our Platinum Partner, the Institute of Nutrigenomic Medicine has been added to this online course.

Symposium Content

Day One

Module 1 | Dr Christine Houghton

Opening Address: Revelations of 21st Century Nutrition Science

Module 2 | Ms Amanda Archibald

The Mediterranean and Its Diet Through the Lens of Nutrigenomics

Module 3 | Dr David Montgomery & Ms Anne Biklé

What Your Food Ate: Restoring Health to the Land and People

Module 4 | Dr Brad Leech

Functional Dysbiosis: The Food as Medicine Approach

Module 5 | Dr Yael Joffe

The Chicken and the Egg: Bringing Together the Worlds of Genetics and Epigenetics

Module 6 | Dr Leland Stillman

Ironic Realities of Iron and Iron-Overload

Module 7 | Dr Natessa Henville

When the Plumbing’s the Problem: Manual Therapy Approaches to Gastrointestinal Dysfunction

Module 8 | Panel Discussion: All Speakers

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Symposium Content

Day Two

Module 1 | Dr Christine Houghton

Modulating the Biochemical ‘Orchestra’ We Call Inflammation

Module 2 | Dr Joanna McMillan

The Science and Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Module 3 | Taste the Science Educational Event

Mr Robert Thomas (Facilitator)
Mr Matthew Lim – Green Sauces of the World
Ms Margeaux Kruger – Dr Soup®: Vegetables for All Seasons and Age Groups
Mr Roberto Giammellucca – Busting Myths with Sourdough Science

Module 4 | Dr Tim Ewer

An Integrative Approach to the Prevention and Treatment of Cancer and Neurodegenerative Disorders

Module 5 | Dr J. Helen Fitton

Seaweed Science, Dietary Studies and Clinical Potential

Module 6 | Dr Yael Joffe

‘Genes First’: Genetics as a Screening Tool

Module 7 | Ms Jenny Blondel

How to Build a Successful Practice with a Food-First Approach

Module 8 | Ms Amanda Archibald

Culinary Genomics: Translating Nutrigenomic “Therapy” to the Plate

Bonus Module | Conversations in Nutrigenomic Medicine

Series 2 Byte 3: The Clinical Nuts & Bolts of Glutathione

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Symposium Learning Materials

After purchase of the Symposium recordings, a printed copy of the Symposium Handbook & Speaker Presentation Slides will be posted to you, allowing you to work through each speaker session. 

A digital copy of the Handbook will be available within the course. Please note we cannot provide digital copies of speaker slides due to copyright provisions.

*Replacement Learning Materials provided at cost. Scroll down for more information.

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Purchase the Symposium Recordings

This is a self-paced course that does not expire, allowing you to refer back to the video presentations for as long as you wish.


The speaker presentations have been broken up into Day One (8 modules) and Day Two (8 modules) content. A total of 13 hours CPE will be awarded upon completion of all modules. There is no assessment required. The cost of the course is $359.10 ex GST.

Either login to your Cell-Logic clinician account, or register for one here.

Proceed to the Learning Centre - Cell-Logic Symposium 2023

*Please contact Head Office if you attended the live Symposium for a coupon code to the course, and/or for replacement learning materials:

Replacement Learning Materials can be provided at cost:

$15 ex GST | Day One Speaker Presentation Slides 

$15 ex GST | Day Two Speaker Presentation Slides

$20 ex GST | Symposium Handbook (a digital copy is provided in the course)

Please contact | (07) 3488 0385

Postage rates will be calculated at time of ordering.

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